160 facts about the Bank of Russia to the 160th anniversary of the regulator

They all gathered in a new online project. The site talks about specific episodes of history from 1860 to the present day, the original coins and banknotes, the unique historical buildings, where we have our office, and most importantly — about people whose lives were connected with the Bank of Russia in different years.

Many from the materials were published only in the specialized literature, some of them are in the archives. Among these texts are excerpts from the memoirs of Bank employees. Each story is a separate story, episode of biography, working everyday. Presented on the site and some aspects of modern history that show how the technology has changed work in the financial sector since 1860 — the year the Russian Central Bank.

The facts are grouped by topic: “People”, “Knowledge and technology”, “Geography”, “Tradition”, “Money”, “International” and “Interesting stories”, some of them augmented educational mini-tests.

In addition to the thematic website on July 29, 2020 the Bank of Russia opens photo exhibition “Time and money”, also timed to the anniversary of the regulator. In Moscow the exhibition stands will be located on Arbat street, and in autumn, Tver and colorful boulevards. The exhibition runs until 1 November 2020.