A meeting of the National Financial Council was held (12/12/2023)

The National Financial Council considered the Main Guidelines of the Unified State Monetary Policy for 2024 year and period of 2025 and 2026 years, information of the Board of Directors on the main issues of the Bank of Russia’s activities in Q3 2023 as well as the report of the Chief Auditor of the Bank of Russia on the activities of the service of the Chief Auditor of the Bank of Russia in 2023 year.

The participants of the meeting discussed measures to support the financing of fast-growing technology companies, as well as the issues of formation and development of the program of long-term savings of citizens. A report was heard on the current status of the Bank of Russia’s digital ruble platform project and plans for its development

In the NSF meeting reviewed the draft Guidelines for the development of the financial market of the Russian Federation for 2024 year and period of 2025 and 2026 years, stimulating regulation in the banking sector, as well as as well as the results of the mechanism for the Bank of Russia and credit organizations to assess the degree (level) of risk of suspicious transactions by clients of credit organizations — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The NSF approved the total amount of expenditures on the maintenance of Bank of Russia employees, pension provision, life insurance and medical insurance of Bank of Russia employees, capital investments and other administrative and economic expenditures, as well as the Bank of Russia’s regulations on accounting issues in the Bank of Russia.

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