Banks returned to citizens of more than 870 million rubles, stolen by cyberswindlers

The Bank of Russia for the first time publishes annual statistics on return banks to their clients of money that was stolen cyberswindlers: in 2019, banks are compensated for the citizens of 870 million rubles stolen as a result of unauthorized transactions.

In 2019 7 of 10 theft was carried out using methods of social engineering, that is, as a result of fraud or breach of trust citizens reported cyberswindlers data that led to the loss of resources — this fact in large part because of the amount of the returned money. By law, the Bank is obliged to compensate the customer for the stolen funds in that case, if the client does not violate the terms of the contract — in particular if it is not reported to the attackers of information whose disclosure led to the loss of money (the card number, the password from SMS, CVV code etc.). Providing the scammers sensitive information by citizens is the most common breach of contract. Just over a year ago, the Bank of Russia introduced a new reporting form, which allows you to monitor how faithfully the credit institution execute norm of the law obliging to compensate customers the stolen money.

Most of the money of the citizens — about 3 billion rubles stolen as a result of payment of goods and services on the Internet. Through the remote banking system was illegally charged to 2.2 billion rubles. Through ATMs and payment terminals, last year, kidnapped 525 million. All in all, the result of 572 thousand transactions without customer consent, fraudsters had illegally written off from the accounts of individuals about 5.7 billion rubles. Legal entities in the past year as a result of more than 4.6 thousand unauthorized transactions the cyber fraudsters stole 701 million.

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19 Feb 2020