Defined dates and the theme of the XXIX International Congress financial

XXIX international financial Congress (IFC), organized the Bank of Russia will be held in St. Petersburg on 8-10 July 2020.

His main subject is “Financial architecture: challenges today”.

The IFC program will include 6 themed areas: monetary policy and macroeconomics, banking sector, insurance market, collective investment, professional participants of the financial market and microfinance; and a number of cross-sectoral sessions which will cover topics such as cybersecurity and cyberculture, the inheritance of capital, the principles of sustainable development of the financial market and a number of others.

Registration and accreditation of media for the IFC will be opened on 3 February.

Traditionally on the eve of the Congress there will be macroeconomic Summer school for undergraduates, graduate students, young scientists and teachers and international conference on economic research. The conference theme this year is “Monetary policy, prudential and macroprudential regulation and their interaction”.

The Congress gathers representatives of the Central banks and supra-national regulators, international and Russian experts, the key players of the Russian financial market. In 2019, the Congress was attended by over 1200 people from 37 countries.

27 Jan 2020