Documents for application on vacation credit can be sent through public Services

A certificate in form 2-pit and a statement of account in Pension Fund of Russia are required to apply to the provision of credit vacation the new anti-crisis law No. 106-FZ, it is possible to generate and send to the Bank or other financial institution directly through a personal account on the portal. This is a temporary solution which will enable citizens to reduce the way to the Bank and to save time, and the credit organizations — to quickly receive the verified documents with an electronic signature and departments to quickly make a decision.

The service is implemented by the Ministry of communications of Russia jointly with the Bank of Russia. On the portal of public Services uploaded a special directory with email addresses of banks and other financial institutions, so that citizens can make the most of just select them and send back the documents.

In the future we plan to provide an opportunity for financial institutions to obtain, all required for registration of credit vacation information on the income of the citizen (insurance premiums, tax deductions, etc.) from his digital profile. Appropriate changes are prepared in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 03.06.2019 No. 710.

Currently also the possibility of applying for the provision of credit vacation directly on the public Services with the formation there of a full package of necessary documents.

Photo preview: GaudiLab / Shutterstock / Fotodom