Inflation expectations in January was mainly decreasing

In the beginning of the year expected population inflation fell to 8.3% (December to 9.0%) and noted in regular reviews of the Bank of Russia “Inflation expectations and consumer sentiment”. This dynamics indicates the ad hoc nature of its increase in the previous month.

In assessing the observed population inflation remains downtrend, formed last year, which is consistent with the published by Rosstat data on the dynamics of prices. While respondents often spoke about the seasonal growth of prices for eggs, alcohol, tea and coffee, cheeses and sausages, fruits and vegetables, and also for journey in passenger transport.

Short-term price expectations of enterprises remain close to the levels of the second half of 2019. The representatives of the enterprises, as in previous months, called weak demand and high competition are the main factors restraining the growth of prices.

The forecasts of professional analysts for 2020 continued to decline. Stabilized at a low level and expectations embedded in the prices of financial market instruments.

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30 Jan 2020