Inflation expectations in the beginning may have become more positive

A third telephone survey of the population conducted April 30 — may 7, OOO “infa” by the order of the Bank of Russia registered a decrease in inflation expectations for the month ahead. Respondents rarely have to talk about the high growth rate of prices in the next month, but they still believe that inflation will be higher than at the beginning of the year.

Among the most appreciated goods rarely have to call the goods of long storage (cereals, sugar, pasta) and fruit and vegetables, house price growth which slowed in late April — early may. While this remains a high proportion of respondents, marking a significant growth of prices for meat and dairy products.

The third survey showed a continuing negative trend in the estimates of the respondents change their financial position. Most often, this deterioration respondents continue to associate with a decrease in income. However, the expectations of change in the financial situation in the coming months have become more positive compared to the first and second of the April polls.

Photo preview: Eldar Nurkovic / Shutterstock / Fotodom