Inflation expectations in the first half of July has changed slightly

A telephone survey conducted 6-12 July, the company “Intel” by the order of the Bank of Russia has fixed the stabilization of inflation expectations. By the Bank of Russia monitoring of enterprises showed a slight decrease in short-term price expectations, associated mainly with weak demand, according to another information-analytical comments, “Inflation expectations and consumer sentiment”.

In July, increased the share of the population, noting the rise in prices in the last two weeks. Among the most appreciated goods are the respondents, as before, is often mentioned vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products. With respect to previous surveys has increased the frequency of services, which is mainly due to indexation of tariffs of housing and communal services. The proportion of respondents expecting higher inflation in the coming year, has not changed compared to the previous survey, remaining at a high level.

The survey also showed improved ratings by citizens of their financial situation. Recorded a positive trend due to the gradual recovery of economic activity.

By the Bank of Russia monitoring of enterprises recorded a slight decrease in short-term price expectations, but they remain at a high level. In the field of agriculture and representatives of the enterprises of transport and storage price expectations has risen, whereas the representatives of trade companies and mining operations declined.

Imputed inflation, priced in OFZ bonds-IN July remained low and stable. The inflation forecasts of professional analysts in 2020 and 2021 fell below 4%.

Photo preview: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock / Fotodom