Monitoring of sectoral financial flows: a revival of economic activity at the end of June

Dynamics of incoming payments, indicates a possible recovery in late June after stabilization at a reduced level in the first two decades of the month, is celebrated in the next issue of the weekly “Monitoring of sectoral financial flows.”

In the week from June 22 to June 26 reject incoming1 payment down from the “normal” level has decreased significantly to 7.6% from 15.7% a week earlier. Rejecting incoming payments, excluding mining, petroleum and public administration also decreased, to 2.7% from 11.8%.

In the sectors oriented to consumer demand, continues to be a gradual improvement in the dynamics on the background of weakening of restrictive measures. Also, there is a significant improvement in the development of almost all sectors of investment demand. At the same time, a deviation down in the export industries remains the highest among the other groups of industries amid weak external demand.

1 Weighted by the share of sectors in GDP.