Monitoring of sectoral financial flows: advancing the recovery of consumer activity

Dynamics of incoming payments indicates the stabilization of economic activity at a reduced level in the first half of June, there is a rapid recovery in consumer activity, it is noted in the next issue of the weekly “Monitoring of sectoral financial flows.”

For a short work week from 8 to 11 June, the deviation of incoming payments, down from a “normal” level was 14.9% compared to 14.2 percent in the week from 1 to 5 June.

At the same time in the sectors oriented to consumer demand, the deviation from the “normal” level in recent weeks less than in other groups of industries. This indicates a rapid recovery in consumer spending as the weakening of restrictive measures. However, in industries that were hurt most severely by the restrictions (for example, hotel, restaurant business), the amount of payment is still far below “normal” levels.