Monitoring of sectoral financial flows: heterogeneity of recovery

Dynamics of incoming payments indicates the uneven nature of the recovery in economic activity, noted in the next issue of “Monitoring of sectoral financial flows.”

In June, incoming and outgoing payments increased in annual terms compared to April—may 2020, reflecting the emerging trend of gradual strengthening in business activity. However, during the week from 6 to 10 July recorded a negative deviation of average daily volumes of incoming1 payments from a “normal”2 – level 9.8% compared to in excess of 4.9% from a week earlier. Deviation down payments without taking into account the extraction, production of petroleum products and activities of state administration bodies amounted to 3.3%.

The value of incoming payments at the end of the reporting week exceeds the “normal” value in the fields of consumer and investment demand. Deviations in the sectors oriented to intermediate consumption and external demand, after a temporary exit in a positive region at the end of June — beginning of July once again turned negative.

1 Weighted by the share of sectors in GDP.
2 the Average level of seasonally adjusted daily incoming payments for the period from January 20 to March 13, 2020.