Monitoring of sectoral financial flows: possible revival of economic activity

Dynamics of inbound flow indicates the possible strengthening of economic activity in late April — early may. It remains at the reduced level, on the background of the action of restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, is celebrated on the fourth issue of the weekly “Monitoring of sectoral financial flows.”

The last two weeks have been incomplete due to the may holidays. The level of the average daily amount of payments in such a week can significantly differ from the full weeks. So, in the dynamics of incoming payments, taking into account all industries in the fifth and sixth weeks showed a strong volatility, which was caused both by the causes a single character, and offset the seasonality relative to last years.

More significant for the evaluation of changes in economic activity will be next week. End of mode non-working days may 12, and a gradual (though uneven across regions) weakening of the restrictive measures can contribute to increased economic activity after the may holidays.

Methodology of calculations is ongoing, so evaluation, including a retrospective in the future may be adjusted.