Monitoring of sectoral financial flows: stabilization of economic activity at a reduced level

The dynamics of the incoming streams in the first week after the all-Russian regime days (may 12-15) indicates the preservation of economic activity at a reduced level. This is due to the continuing restrictive measures in many regions, and with the manifestation of secondary effects in a wide range of sectors, noted in the fifth issue of the weekly “Monitoring of sectoral financial flows.”

The deviation of incoming payments, down from a “normal” level without taking into account the extraction of minerals, production of petroleum products, as well as the activities of state bodies in the last three weeks (27 April-15 may) in average was 4.2% (first four non-working weeks, from 30 March to 24 April, the deviation was 18.1 per cent).

The decrease in incoming flows in April in many industries has caused a comparable scale decline in outbound flows in related industries. This confirms the spread of negative effects of the industries whose activities fell under direct limits into the fight against the spread of coronavirus, the related sectors via the reduction of effective demand for their products.