Review on the dynamics of the banking sector in may and 1 for June 9 (Interfax)

Russian banks in June continued may’s trend of the increase in retail lending: from 1 to 9 June, the volume of loans to natural persons increased by 0.3%, higher than the same period of April and may, it follows from the operational data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Requirements of banks to companies for the first nine days of June has decreased on 0,1% in currency and in rubles.

The funding was a marked increase. The volume of deposits of companies increased by 2%, mainly in rubles. Funds from the public accounts also added (0,5%), and grew the balance in rubles and in foreign currency.

The Central Bank also said lending data for may. The volume of corporate credits practically has not changed. A preliminary assessment of the Central Bank, given in the “Financial pulse” on 5 June, involves the growth of corporate lending by 0.4%. The difference with the preliminary assessment of a technical nature — into the requirements is also not inherent in corporate debt securities, explained in the CBA. In April, corporate loans increased by 1.4%, and before that in March to a record of 2.6%.

The retail loan portfolio in may increased by 0.2%. This is better than the result of April (decrease of 0.7%), but still much below the average monthly growth rate in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 (about 1.4%).

The amount of funds organizations in may rose slightly by 0.3% (in April, a decrease of 1.9%).

Deposits decreased slightly (-0,1%), which is typical for this month of more spending because of the holidays, and lower incomes due to less number of working days, especially for people on a piecework payment, said Bank of Russia.

Interfax, 15.06.2020