Started marking sites of credit bureaus on the Internet

Sites Bureau of credit stories (BKI) included in the register of the Bank of Russia, now labeled in the search engine “Yandex” special sign next to the name of the office is a blue circle with a check mark and the words “CBR”.

This measure will help financial consumers to choose the network of the financial organization, acting legally and with the appropriate status. These companies are regulated by the Bank of Russia, the rights and interests of consumers who use their services are protected.

The marking of sites are particularly relevant in the context of fraud. “Illegal companies posing as the KJV, promise to consumers to provide data on credit reports or even improve the credit history. But in fact they do not have access to information, and consumers end up paying for lost service and disclose their personal information to fraudsters,” warns the Director of the Department of processing of financial statements of the Bank of Russia Olga Goncharova.

The draft labeling in the search engine “Yandex” has been launched by the regulator in June 2017, and the first token received microfinance organization. Subsequently, the project was joined by insurers and other financial market participants.

Photo preview: Shutterstock / Fotodom