The Bank of Russia conducted the first cyberscene on information security for students

XII Ural forum “Information security of the financial sector”, the Bank of Russia for the first time organized a youth programme for students. The program was aimed at young professionals who plan to work in the field of information security in the financial market.

50 students, comprising 10 teams were cyberscene aimed at developing practical skills for the prevention of cyber attacks and eliminate their consequences, as well as the use of modern means of protection.

Leading industry experts told the students about current issues of information security in credit-financial sphere. The participants then presented their solutions designed for information security of financial institutions.

About building a career in the digital economy the participants of the youth program, said the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Ruslan Vesterovskiy.

“The Russian financial system is actively transferred to the. It is definitely a positive trend. However, there is one but — is necessary to ensure the cybersecurity of the new system. This can be done only by real professionals, which we have, unfortunately, not enough” — said Ruslan Vesterovskiy.

According to him, the shortage is logical: “the Field of cybersecurity in the financial system is relatively new, but the demand creates supply, and the Bank of Russia together with the professional community and universities have taken great effort to satisfy staff shortages”.

In particular, the Bank of Russia participates in preparation of educational and professional standards for experts on cybersecurity in the financial sector. The next step will be the introduction of certification of experts on cyber security of financial institutions.

21 Feb 2020