The Bank of Russia pointed out to the insurers for unfair practices

The regulator has published a number of typical examples of unfair practices identified in the behavioural supervision of insurance companies, including in the field of insurance.

So, the regulator considers unacceptable the practice, when insurers force the victim to sign a tripartite agreement with the service station and insurance company, the terms of which differ from the specific terms of the law on CTP. In particular, the contract does not specify the timing of repair or there is the possibility of adding additional information without the consent of the owner of the car. Also unacceptable cases when the insurance company in the form of directions for the repair includes a paragraph on the consent of the victim to use used or refurbished parts and increase the time of repair.

In some cases, insurers violate the right of vehicle owners to purchase insurance policy. In order to comply with the formal requirements of the law, insurers do not deny the drivers and send them for inspection of the vehicle to another unit, where artificially created queue, the delayed timing. In particular, this practice has been common for motorcyclists and lorry transport. The Bank of Russia considers such actions violate the rights of consumers of financial services and encourages insurance companies to inspect vehicles in the unit, which turned citizen, and if it is not possible to conclude a contract of insurance without inspection.

Another problem is the laying charge of the independent examination (assessment), or inspection of the damaged vehicle for injured in an accident. The Bank of Russia recalls that the responsibility of the examination or inspection is responsible by law for the insurance organization and if it is not itself assesses the damaged vehicle and sends it to the independent expert, then you need to obtain the written consent of the citizen to pay for these services with mandatory compensation by the insurance company for such costs. The insured citizen has the full right to refuse payment.

The Bank of Russia draws the attention of insurers on the need to change business models to prevent violations of the rights of consumers in the future. In turn, the citizens who consider that their rights have been violated by the insurance company, can file a complaint to the regulator.

Photo preview: JRC-Stop Motion/ Shutterstock / Fotodom