The Bank of Russia spoke about the priorities of its procurement activities

Around 150 of current and potential suppliers controller from across the country participated in the conference of suppliers of the Bank of Russia.

“We need to see our existing and potential suppliers to understand them, to trace trends in the development of the procurement market. It is important that the market understood our requirements and directions of development of procurement system in the Bank of Russia”, – said in his speech, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia Ruslan Vesterovskiy. He also noted that the priority for the Bank of Russia is obtaining from suppliers sentences with the best balance of price, quality and terms of rendering of services or delivery of goods.

During the conference, the participants received useful practical information, including the requirements of the Bank of Russia to partners, and the conditions necessary for participation in its procurement. In addition, suppliers were able to pass the quest on topical procurement issues the Bank of Russia.

At the conference discussions were held in the format of specialized round tables on the main categories of purchases by the Bank of Russia: information technologies and software, scientific research, consulting services, engineering technical security equipment and so on.

Open dialogue to find ways of optimization of interaction between Bank of Russia and its counterparties began in 2018, when the first conference of suppliers, which caused great interest of participants of the market and has become a traditional annual event held by the Bank of Russia.

15 Nov 2019