The Bank of Russia will change the methodology for determining systemically important banks

The Bank of Russia will clarify the method of formation of the list of systemically important credit institutions (SZKO). The updated approach will provide a more correct account of the international activities of banks.

This criterion will be included in the summary measure of systemic importance of credit institutions (now it is counted separately and does not fully reflect what happened over the last few years changes in the international activity of banks).

Simultaneously, the draft instructions of the Bank of Russia provides for the redistribution of the weights of the other indicators (Bank size, interconnectedness with other financial institutions, the volume of deposits of individuals) included in the calculation of the synthesis result.

The Bank of Russia plans to apply the updated methodology in 2021. This assumes that all existing SZKO after the change will remain on the list.

Photo preview: Ruslan Grumble / Shutterstock / Fotodom