The Board of the Bank of Russia has received 646 complaints about the restoration of the business reputation

The Board of the Bank of Russia during his work has received 646 complaints from members of the management bodies, officials and owners of financial institutions who disagree with the decision on the compliance of their qualification and business reputation requirements, according to data of July 1, 2020.

The Commission runs from 28 January 2018, and during this time 291 upheld the complaint. 242 complaints, the decision of refusal. Another 17 applications returned due to lack of consideration of complaints. Decisions as of July 1, 2020 are not taken in relation to the 6 complaints, the review period which has not yet arrived. No consideration was 90 complaint because they did not meet the requirements.

In the second quarter , the Commission received 21 complaints (in the first quarter, 70 complaints). Following the consideration in the second quarter to 28 complaints, the Commission adopted a decision to satisfy, on 16 complaints about refusal in satisfaction (including complaints received in the first quarter).

Also, the Bank of Russia has published the review of practice of consideration by the Commission of complaints for the first half of 2020. To preserve confidentiality provides some anonymized case studies prepared on the basis of complaints considered by the Commission, and a brief description of the decisions taken.

According to the law of goodwill can be recovered if the claimant provides evidence of involvement in the decisions or actions (inaction), resulting in negative consequences for financial institutions.

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