The weighted average interest rate on mortgage loans in December 2019 reached a historic low of 9%

The weighted average interest rate on mortgage housing loans (MHL) in rubles in the last month of 2019 reached a minimum in the history of the observation values is 9%. This is evidenced by the datapublished on the website of the Bank of Russia.

In December 2019, a quarter of the volume of lending to individuals accounted for HML. Just over a month, more than 145 thousand mortgage loans totaling 345,1 billion roubles that on a quarter exceeds the corresponding figures for November 2019.

The total debt on MHL in rubles and foreign currency (taking into account purchased credit institutions rights of claim) on January 1, 2020 amounted to 7.7 trillion rubles compared with the beginning of 2019 increased by 1.1 trillion rubles.

30 Jan 2020