University Bank of Russia has completed a pilot project to improve training of market participants

Pilot project training course on technologies of data acquisition and processing was organized in-person and online formats on the basis of the Tver state technical University. Within six months the lectures were attended by more than 350 students and teachers of specialized universities, financial market professionals. In the future the Bank of Russia plans to hold such lectures on a topical subject of financial markets and in other regions.

“The lecture was aimed primarily at improving professional training of specialists of the financial market, the Bank of Russia employees whose work is connected with technologies of collection and processing of financial statements of financial institutions, students. New knowledge, skills, and a University certificate of Bank of Russia can become a competitive advantage for employment. In the autumn we plan to launch similar lectures on it-related topics in Ryazan and other regions are also interested — the demand for professional knowledge is high,” — noted Andrey Afonin, Director of the University of the Bank of Russia.

The course of lectures consisted of the following thematic blocks: data management in the financial sector, regulatory oversight and modern technology (RegTech/SupTech), credit (social) ratings and work of the Bureau of credit histories, the innovative financial technology trends in the field of cybersecurity in the financial market.

Tver was chosen as the site for lectures is not accidental. In 2017, there has opened a Center for processing statements, Bank of Russia, which collects and processes the reporting of credit and non-credit financial institutions across the country.

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