Entrepreneurs will tell you how to interact with the Bank if the account operations suspended

The Bank of Russia on 2 December 2019, will hold a webinar for representatives of business, during which participants will learn what to do in case of refusal, the Bank from conducting transactions on the account, from the conclusion of the contract of the Bank account and other challenging situations that arise in connection with compliance with 115-FZ.

Holding a webinar will be Sergey Pan, head of Department support the business processes of the Service for protection of consumers and accessibility to financial services, and Yuliya Alferova, Director of the competence Center “Digital business transformation” Foundation for development of the digital economy. They will tell the reason why the Bank can refuse to conduct transactions, open accounts, impose restrictions of remote banking services (Internet banking).

Entrepreneurs will receive practical guidance on what to do and where to go in a particular case how to go through the procedure of rehabilitation. The students will explain the difference between suspension of operations and blocking (freezing) of cash and non-cash suspicious (doubtful) transactions and operations subject to mandatory control, tell me how is classified the degree of risk of the client and what are the actions the Bank has detected an increased level of risk of the client.

At the end of the webinar, business owners will be able to ask leading questions.

The webinar will begin at 10:00 Moscow time.

To participate in the webinar need to register.

28 Nov 2019