In 2019 preserved the trend in the decline in the number of complaints of consumers of financial services in the Bank of Russia

In 2019 the total number of complaintsreceived by the Bank of Russia decreased by 2.8% compared to the year 2018 and made 246,6 thousand.

The Bank of Russia pays attention that in 2019 was adjusted methodology to measure the number of complaints to the regulator. Under the new approach, the unit adopted each complaint contained in a letter of the consumer if a complaint in respect of different regulated Bank of Russia institutions. As a result, the number of complaints grew, and to ensure comparability of annual frequency data on number of complaints received by the Bank of Russia in 2018, has been revised under the new methodology.

While using previously effective methods of reducing the amount received in 2019 complaints would have amounted to 5.4 per cent (with of 243.6 thousand in 2018 to 230.5 thousand in 2019).

In 2019 on the dynamics of the total number of complaints was influenced by not only a decrease of 16.5% in the number of complaints on non-Bank financial institutions (NFE), but for the first time and reduced complaints to credit institutions — by 0.6%.

Only credit institutions received 141.6 thousand complaints, which accounted for more than half (57.4 per cent) of the total number of complaints to the regulator. The main reason for a decrease in this segment was the decrease by almost a third (27.4 per cent) in the number of complaints on mortgage issues, which was noted after the entry into force of the law on a mortgage vacation. Also recorded a decrease in complaints about the imposition of additional services and incomplete information that has affected a General reduction in the number of complaints in the consumer credit segment (4.3%). The policy change, interaction of credit institutions with the consumers was a result of the application of control measures behavioural surveillance.

For the FLN was obtained 81,9 thousand complaints (33.2% of the total). In this segment of the driver to reduce continues to be a reduction in the number of complaints in respect of subjects of insurance business — more than a third (34%). However, complaints against insurers have traditionally made up the majority of complaints to the FLN: in 2019 they received 41.6 thousand. The main area of decline remains insurance — last year the regulator received 33.2 thousand such complaints, the decrease compared with 2018 the year amounted to 37.6%. Problems in the CTP segment, usually associated with the use of MSC — factor a bonus-Malus (discount for accident-free driving). And from 1 April 2019 — after the entry into force of the new order of calculation of KBM — number of complaints began to decline.

In 2019 in respect of constituent entities of collective investments market came to 2.8 thousand, which is 17.8% less than in 2018. Traditionally, the vast majority of complaints in this segment (68.1 percent) were received on issues related to the disagreement of the citizen with the transition from PFR in NPF and between the NPF as part of the transition of the company’s 2019. This segment has shown a decline of 6.5 percent from 2018. A significant proportion of these complaints concerns the authentication of documents and signatures and not the competence of Bank of Russia.

Participants of corporate relations in 2019 amounted to 3.3 thousand, which is 7% lower than a year earlier. The competition regulator has complained 963 times (a decline of 30.5%).

Growth of 25.2% was observed in the segment of microfinance institutions (MFIs) — the participants in this market had received 28 thousand complaints. Almost half (49.6 per cent) connected with the activity to recover overdue debt and a significant amount relates to the activities of professional collectors (collectors), as well as illegal lenders and collectors. In addition, the dynamics of complaints against MFIs was influenced by actively informing citizens about to come into force in 2019, the restrictions limit the size of the debt and the daily rate on short-term loans and the borrowers refund the overpayment in the case of the Bank of Russia of violations among MFIs. The number of complaints of failure to comply with MFI’s limitations and the overpayment amounted to 13.7% of the total number of complaints against MFI and has grown 2.7 times in comparison with 2018. However, in most cases, the complaints received relate to contracts concluded before the entry into force of the new restrictions and not under their action. In the fourth quarter according to the results of explanatory work of the Bank of Russia noted the downward trend in the number of complaints against MFIs. In addition, in 2019 the Bank of Russia withdrew from the microfinance market, group of companies, is systematically violating the legislation on consumer protection in terms of recovery of arrears. It has also influenced the decrease in the number of consumer complaints in the fourth quarter.

Since February, 2019 the Bank of Russia has set aside complaints about misselling. In February-December of 2019 received 3,8 thousand such complaints, of which 2.2 thousand on the banks.

In respect of the credit Bureau in 2019 was obtained 5.3 thousand complaints. The main increase was recorded in February, after informing the population about the possibility of free of charge twice a year to obtain information about your credit history. Although in subsequent months, such complaints have been received much less, their total number is nevertheless seriously exceeds the performance 2018 (655 complaints).

To restore the rights of citizens Service for consumer rights protection and ensuring the availability of financial services the Bank of Russia in the cases provided by law used measures of Supervisory response. For 2019 has repeatedly held Supervisory meetings with representatives of financial organizations, control activities, were sent guidelines and information letters. 2710 issued orders to correct/prevent identified violations, 3385 drawn up protocols on administrative offences.

Following the results of consideration of complaints and appeals banks and financial companies to consumers returned more than 93.5 million rubles. “In the stage of conversion of the contract are still in the tens of millions — the funds will be returned to consumers in the near future, — said the head of consumer protection and ensuring the availability of financial services Mikhail Mamuta. — In addition, we have upgraded about 70 thousand credit histories of citizens.”

19 Feb 2020